Aug 17, 2012

Pizza, parties, prayer

I'm thinking once fall rolls around, I'll be more involved with this blog but as summer is coming to a close, I find myself anxious to get in a few more beach trips, pool days and soak up the sun as much as possible.

I made pizza's last Friday night. Friday's are just perfect for pizza nights. The first pizza I just used some pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes and the second is olive oil, pizza sauce, mozzarella, tomato and basil. Tomato and basil was hands down the winner, but both were really good!

August has been filled with birthday parties...and all for our little girl friends. I got to help with the decorations at this one, and both boys spent a lot of time at the candy bar :)

We spent the day in the country for the party, and all the guys had a blast riding atv's and dirt bikes!

This is my view almost every single night, and I wouldn't have it any other way...

Weston is in serious need of a hair cut and sometimes I pull it out of his eyes with a bobby pin...Kind of makes me think, if we ever did have girls, they'd be pretty cute!

If only I found the motivation to start my mornings like this every day...It never disappoints.

We kept miss Shiloh for the day, and my little men are already shaping up to be gentlemen. They have an amazing example in their daddy.

These two are cute huh? But as usual they were fighting seconds later...thats life.


  1. 36 days left of summer to be exact. I'm counting but for a different reason because I LOVE Fall and cold/stormy days. The pizzas look amazing! Fridays are definitely great pizza days!

  2. So sweet, your little boy helping the little girl with her shoe! What a little man! :)

  3. i am trying to do all summer activities too!! love weston's hair, so adorable!! :)

  4. Lesley, Your family is beautiful! I love the youngest ones hair. They are both beautiful (handsome). I have a little boy with longer- curly hair. Your boys though - just gorgeous. You're stunning too. ;) I read often even though I do not always comment. I love your blog!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Come say hello when you can!
    XO- Stephany @ The Midnight Hershey