Aug 1, 2012

If you listen..

Yesterday me and a friend spent the day shopping with my boys. It's something I usually avoid but it was fine, we found some good deals, had lunch, the kids played in the mall park.

Our last stop was a trip to the grocery store. They had one of those carts with the car in front, and thankfully two steering wheels. They played some, fought and slapped each other a bit and I was just thankful to be out of that store and done with errands for the day when a woman came up to us and said that seeing my two boys just gave her a meltdown. She was wearing sunglass but I could tell she was crying and trembling a bit when she spoke. She said her two were just that little yesterday and now they are 23 and 21. 

And I just keep thinking about what she said, and wondering why she crossed my path that day because I have been so annoyed lately. Sometimes days as a stay at home mom are anything but fun. As I write this Weston has handed me like 20 trains because when he's done with something he assumes I want it, and Kingston is doing parco on the living room furniture...and yep just busted his lip...

Things like that always bring perspective. You hear it from so many to enjoy them now, because it's over before you know it but it just seems like one of those things people say, like "sleep when the baby sleeps" and you don't give it much thought until you realize that your newborn is going to be 4 years old in a few months.

It's exciting to watch them grow but at the same time it's painful, that you can't hang onto the sweet moments, and keep their feet and hands this tiny for longer. 
I'm sometimes angry at myself for just trying to get through the day instead of just admiring them sleep, or studying the way there little lips look when they are really focused on trying to figure something out.

Yesterday I was reminded once again, to allow some house chores to simply go undone, to tell some people no and to cherish these stressful, messy, and loud toddler days while they last. I know someday I'll have a clean house, late nights with friends and even quick trips to the grocery store where I can actually think...

But I'm sure I'd trade them to have these days back


  1. love this post, it's what i needed to hear today!! i have been trying really hard to enjoy the cute moments with my boys. because lately i've been annoyed too. i will totally miss these days some day.

  2. I just registered my oldest son for his senior year of high school.....on the same day that I registered my daughter for 1st grade. {We won't even talk about the fact that my youngest still has 2 YEARS before he even STARTS school!!} But it was an eye-opener ~ the fact that my son will graduate from high school this year as his little sister is only beginning her scholastic adventures. Time really does fly by so fast....faster as I get older. Cherish the messes. <3

  3. So true! Although you may feel you are just making it through the days, it is very clear that you are an intentional mother and your boys are blessed!

  4. Oh, so sweet but sad! Even though I don't have kiddos yet, I know from watching my nephews that the time goes by so fast! Cherish every moment (even the trying times!). :)