Jul 5, 2012

True Friends

I opened this fortune cookie the other night at dinner. It made me think because as silly as it might sound, friendships mean the world to me. Like I consider them so important that if I lose one or if things become weird, it takes me forever to get over it. I value them, and as much as God and my husband and family fulfill me in so many ways, I still need my friends.

I don't know how you feel about fortune cookies, but considering the way my week went, or the very next day, I knew in my heart that God was up to something...and it was something really good.

It also reminded me of the prayer I prayed only a few months ago to bring this into my life. I've gone through seasons feeling like I had no friends and no community but this year, in tears, I basically begged God to meet this need for me.

Over the years I've had so much growing to do, and humility and grace to learn. I know that I wouldn't be able to say or receive these things back then, but time and the father and my children have taught me so many lessons and I love the person they are shaping me to be.

I know that hurt people, hurt people, but I'm not a hurt person anymore and I'm not willing to hang on to my pride and bitterness or opinions of others hanging on to theirs... because I want friendships so much more.

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