Jul 13, 2012

The little things this week

Good morning! I've opened blogger a few times over the past week, but I haven't felt motivated to write.
We tried to make the best of this rainy week. Took the kids to a $1.50 movie on Tuesday, had lunch with my mom and a play date with a friend. I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend at the beach and maybe a baseball game.

Last friday, me, my sister and a few of our friends went out for a girls night. Our hubby's took the kids to the beach, and then we all came back to our house to play cards. You guys, I haven't had a girls night in so long and I went through a time thinking I didn't need it. I felt so great and refreshed the next day that I really want to make this a regular thing. Nothing crazy, but dinner with friends without interrupting little ones was so nice.

On Saturday we drove to North Carolina for a big pot luck at my grandma's house. The heat was really bad the day. When we crossed the border, Ben mentioned our gas was getting low. I said, "ok we'll stop when the light comes on" but by the time the light came on we were in the middle of corn fields and 20 min away from a gas station. I started panicking as I pictured us on the side of the road in 105 degree heat with two screaming kids. I thought I was going to have a full on panic attack...but thankfully we made it to a gas station just in time!

On Sunday we spent the day at the beach with friends, and my mom and dad. Kingston just loves Joshua and Shiloh and I feel so blessed to have Ryan and Aspen as our friends now. It wasn't always easy for us, but God brought so much healing and restoration this year. I've never known another couple so much like Ben and I, or who parent the same way. I'm so thankful for all my friends and I'm blessed by each of them in different ways.

There were record temps that day, but we all agreed that the coolest place other than being stuck inside would be at the beach. It was actually pretty pleasant. We ended the day with slurpees and an iced coffee for me.

If you know Kingston, you know that he doesn't cling to just anyone. Even kids his own age, he has to know you and like you and he chooses his friends carefully (like his momma). It's so cute when sweet little Shiloh goes to grab his hand and he always takes hers.

Every two weeks I sit down and make my grocery plan. I feel like I get in ruts where I'll make the same few meals for a while and then never make them again. I picked up some index cards to write down all my recipes so hopefully I'll have more ideas than what I just remember in my head.
I've always been a little challenged in the kitchen, but I'm slowly getting better. I might post the meals that I've been making up on the blog soon, for those of you who are challenged like I am. Their easy and cheap!

Did you get your free slurpee the other day? We almost didn't because these two were on a mission to set a record for the amount of tantrums they could throw in one day...

Last night we decided to eat dinner out. Something we rarely do anymore, and since we spent so little on dinner we went for frozen yogurt afterwards. We always get two bowls and Ben and I will each share with one of the boys. I used to always share with Kingston, but since I like to savor and enjoy my yogurt instead of inhaling it and getting a brain freeze in order to get a few bites...I decided to trade sharing buddies. Now I have this sweet little partner who eats ice cream the same way mommy does, so slow it basically melts :)

What are your plans this weekend?


  1. your boys are so cute!!! hopped over from, life rearranged! happy friday!

  2. Sounds like you are in true summer mode. Fun!

  3. Where do you go to the beach? north end? or sandbridge?

  4. Usually croatan bc it's so close to me...10-15 minutes but occasionally sandbridge bc my friends like to go there.

  5. super fun pics! visiting from life rearranged instafriday :)

  6. love the recipe note cards :) It's detasling season here in iowa, so we've had family with us the past couple weeks... that's all that's going on around here! lol