Jul 27, 2012

Hot and Frazzled..but it's Friday!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...I knew the heat index was going to be 110 and we're completely out of groceries. I hadn't meal planned yet, kids were fighting as usual and I wasn't sure where I was going to find the motivation or creativity to get the job done...

So I texted my husband, because I figured he should know how bad my day was going so far...It's kind of a trap I set for him...because he never gives the right answer, but I'm not even sure what answer I'm looking for. He said to put some worship music on and I decided to take his advice, so I got my cup of coffee, put on the music and started my list.

The morning quickly turned around, we had a few hiccups at the store...like Ben taking my debit card with him to work, so I had to quickly transfer money in the walmart parking lot, then after ringing up two weeks worth of groceries I realize my wallet is not with me, and then I remember it's sitting on the passenger seat of my unlocked car :/ Feeling like a crazy, I assured the lady I'd be right back. I grabbed my kids and pray the entire way that my wallet is still there. I couldn't really care less if the wallet was stolen...there wasn't any money and everything could be replaced but the thought of having to leave all my groceries that I planned and shopped for sitting there in the store was unbearable.

But thankfully it was there! I came back in the store dripping with sweat only to hear those magic words "I gotta go potty". I could have easily let these things stress me, and start snapping at the kids but I felt God's presence with me all morning and I'm so thankful for that.

I really need to start my mornings like this from now on. It's so good for me!

We've had a wonderful week though. Lots of sunshine, ice cream, yard work, a living room makeover and beach and pool days with friends. Here are a few of our instagrams..


life rearranged


  1. I'm so jealous that you have green grass to mow! Ours is completely dead up north!!
    Worship music always always always turns my day around...why don't I start my days off like this? Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I've had many days like that! I envy the way you handled it ~ I probably would have sat down in the middle of the grocery store and had a good cry! ;)

  3. That's good that worship music is your outlet from those ugly frustating days we all get from time to time. For me it's the weather as you may know from reading a few of my posts hot weather puts a damper on my day but cloudy or stormy weather brings joy to my heart. So when the days are hot and there's not a cloud in the sky I watch movies that take place in cold places or have storms in them. I guess we do whatever works for us. Happy weekend!
    btw, I've never been one to listen to worship music. maybe I should start. which ones do you recommend?

  4. i really should start my days with some worship music!! i could toally see my day going a lot better that way! or et least dealing with situations better.
    I have had frazzeled days like that where i end up in tears! lol!

  5. Sweet, sweet pictures. Love the toss in the air pic, and the sleeping babes. Precious!