Jul 25, 2012

The beach, friends and tantrums

Pretty much sums up my life as of late...

Today was such a good day. We woke up kind of early, had breakfast and packed up for a day at the beach. My friend, Emma met me at the house and we headed out. The weather couldn't have been better, clear skies and only a high of 85 degrees.

I love this girl. We're in different stages of life, but are basically the same when it comes to interests and thoughts on life. It's funny how that works out sometimes. I so enjoy my conversations with her.

The boys weren't really having it for the first part of the day. Kingston has not been himself the past few days, not eating or playing much. He didn't even go in the water when normally he's in there the entire time.

And Weston did this... a lot...

But you know, he's approaching two and does tantrums like nobody's business. What was he upset about? Oh just because today, I put my foot down and decided that my water bottle would actually be my water bottle. Would just giving it to him have made for a more pleasant day? Possibly.. but I thought that after the week they've given me so far, I deserved some "backwash free" water.

Later in the afternoon more friends met us there, and then Kingston started to have fun with his buddies.

We ended the afternoon with slurpees and iced coffee and then came home for showers. I had some pork slow cooking in root beer all day, so it was pulled pork sandwiches and sweet potato fries for dinner. 

Despite little meltdowns over silly things, it was one of those perfect summer days that leave you feeling sun kissed and worn out from so much fun. I'm so glad that I'm brave enough to tote my two toddlers around as much as I do. It's not always easy, but it's so good for all of us.

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  1. Haha, oh temper tantrums...part of my every day too! I've caught myself wondering when they grow out of it!!

  2. i feel like this everytime i take my 2 places lol!! but always worth it in the end. :)
    and pork in root beer? i am so gonna have to try that!!!

  3. Mmm, slurpees. Sounds good. It's been weeks since I had one. Trying to cut down on sugary drinks.

  4. I'm sure it gets TIRING to take your kiddos out and about. But I'm glad you do! :) I know just what that worn out summer evening feeling is like.