Jun 15, 2012

What the baby books don't tell you

Just about every friday, I link up with Jeanett over at Life rearranged for insta-friday. I think she's awesome, funny and is passionate about wonderful cause to provide clean water to those who don't have it. You can go to that sight here.

She also has a great series going on right now called "what the baby books don't tell you" that I thought would be fun to participate in. And especially because the camera bag I've had my eye on for months is part of the deal...I'm in!

What the baby books didn't tell me...or the parts I missed...

- Forget about all the pain associated with labor. It's not over the moment your baby is born. If you are my size and deliver an 8 lb baby...there is going to be some after effects...for weeks.

- Breastfeeding is not the most natural thing in the world. For some me it was the most painful, stressful, hindering me from bonding with my baby experience of my life. So much so, that I barely attempted with the second. And I'm a better mom for doing so.

- Before my boys were born, I was pretty confident but I've never felt more unsure of myself and under qualified than the night the nurses brought my first son to me after he was born...with no instructions.!

- I didn't know I'd get all kinds of unwanted advice from how big/small I looked for how far along I was in my pregnancy, to which gender my children should be, to how full my hands look from perfect strangers every time I made a trip to the grocery store.

- The baby books didn't tell me that using a pizza cutter to cut up meals would be so much quicker and easier than a knife, or filling up my car cup holder with paci's to toss back to my baby who can't seem to keep it in the carseat during long drives just might have saved my sanity some days...or at least got me to where I needed to be a lot quicker.

- They don't tell you that it's ok to do it differently than other moms because your kids are different

- They certainly don't tell you that your house can be messy, you don't have to be an amazing cook, or good and coming up with pinterest worthy crafts to have a house full of happy kids.

- They don't tell you not to drive yourself crazy with comparing their size and milestones to other kids. They will gain weight and they will meet those milestones...and if they did it a month or two later than "normal" no one will remember or care come kindergarten.

- They should tell you to stay off mommy boards

- Don't worry about spoiling...rock them, and hold them as much as you want because they'll be pushing you away before you know it.

- You will do things you promised you'd never do...

- The main thing I've learned along the way is to let go. Let go of fear and of the way others think I should do things, let go of my ideas that aren't working and try something else.

- And when you don't have the answers...just pray! Pray for wisdom and grace and good attitudes and breakthrough in the area's of discipline your working through. You'll get there :)

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  1. Love this! And thanks for the passie in the cup holder idea! Hello!! That's genius. And, just FYI: at my house we cut our food with scissors. Now that's fast. I watched another mom do it one day with pizza and my life has never been the same.

  2. Yes to all of that! :) I have had a similar experience with breastfeeding.