Jun 25, 2012


I've always been the type that needs something fun or exciting to have to look forward to in order to get me through the week or month

never able to just enjoy the moment

But lately I have found myself being content in the day I'm in 

and making the best of each one I'm given....even the ones that start out really chaotic

Sometimes just seeing my babies who are growing into little boys play outside

watching them learn and see their eyes filled with wonder at new experiences

is the greatest reminder to slow down

When I do.. I start to realize that I am growing right along with them

and starting to have more confidence in myself and my abilities

I spent the last 9 months looking forward to this time of this year

that might start a new chapter in our lives

now I find myself just wanting to soak up these days and not change a thing...at least not now

Sometimes I don't think God knows what my dreams are

because they aren't coming true

But I have to remind myself that everything He does is for my good so that He gets all the glory

then my heart feels nothing but gratitude that He wants what's best for me

It might not be what I thought I wanted but my father knows it's for my good

And thats when all of this makes sense 


  1. You have the cutest kids! Your little guy makes my heart melt :)

  2. Your boys are adorable! I've stopped by before, but now I'm following!

  3. I've always been the same way! Living in the moment and contentment is something I've really been trying to work on lately!

  4. such adorable pictures!! I have been the same way lately! enjoying the every day things!

  5. I used to have to have something to look forward to...until I became a mom. Isn't it a blessing that God uses motherhood to teach us to live in the moment? Your boys are adorable-so much joy in their smiles!
    I look forward to following...found your post on We Encourage Tuesday.

  6. Oh my gosh, the boys look so cute!! And that little bathing suit makes me crack up!