Jun 17, 2012

The men in my life

On Days like fathers day, I'm always reminded how truly blessed I am to have such a great dad

Growing up he took the time to take us out individually for daddy dates 
I don't think I've ever doubted his love for me
He always believed in us
He encouraged us to chase our dreams and would do anything to make them come true. 
And so many of mine did because of him
He's extended so much grace and forgiveness 
I've never known another person with a bigger heart 
And even as an adult, I still come to him knowing he always has the answers

Having a father like that, made me believe I deserved a man who would treat me just like my dad did

I knew Ben would be a good father but I never dreamed it like this..
He loves our children with everything he has
As soon as he gets home from work, he jumps in 
Every single night without fail, he's on the floor playing with them
They adore him
He is selfless and hardworking
He guards his heart and eyes and has faithfulness like I've never known
I know these little boys are going to look to him to decide what kind of men they should be

Babies...you've got big shoes to fill but you've also got two amazing examples who will be there for you and lead you along the way..


  1. so sweet!! such a blessing to have such amazing men in your life! :)

  2. What a sweet Father's Day post! Found you on the Monday meet up!

  3. Hi! I found you on the Monday Meet-Up...I'm following your blog now and I'm so excited! I love it! This was SUCH a sweet post. I always dreamed of marrying someone who could be the kind of father my dad was to us growing up and it's so wonderful to be able to know our children will experience the love we did as children. <3

  4. What a sweet post! Your family is just beautiful.. your little boys are adorable. What a blessing to have a great father in your life and husband as a father to your sons.

    ps- my husband's name is Ben too!!

    Stopping by from Finding Beauty :)

  5. Sweetest post ever! I, too, am blessed to have a father and husband who are the most amazing men I've ever known... So glad that I found your blog at Live. Laugh. Rowe's networking party... can't wait to read more of what you write!! :)

    Would love to have you visit my site soon, too!

    Your newest follower,

  6. aww what an amazing post! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  7. I love you family picture and the fishing picture. So cute. Thanks for linking up to the Monday Meet up! I am your newest follower. Hope you will stop by http://www.garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ and do the same.


  8. Such great pictures!!! Just started reading recently but thought you might want to head over to our boy giveaway this week... http://www.thechirpingmoms.com/2012/06/giveaway-for-boys-and-their-dads.html to get some awesome swimsuits for the boys in your life!!!!

  9. Ahhh, such a lovely post. In fact it made me a bit teary reading it. I couldn't agree more with the words that you said as I'm lucky enough to also have an amazing daddy and fantastic husband. If my llittle boy grows up to be anything like them then I'll be one proud mumma. And like you said, he's got some great examples to follow.

    1. Oh and I popped across from the Finding Beauty in the Ordinary linky and I'm now your newest follower. Such a lovely blog. X