May 25, 2012

Snapshots from our week

I'm sure most of you are looking forward to this long weekend. I am, but Ben will be at The Call for most of it and then pulling an overtime shift on Monday. So, I'll be kind of lonely without him but next weekend we'll be headed to Myrtle Beach, and I'll just look forward to that.

Aren't these pretty? We moved in to our house last July, so I wondered what all these bushes were that we had out front. These turned out to be gorgeous hydrangeas and we also have about 6 gardenia bushes. Smells lovely!

Thats not a little girl, it's Weston and he was really in need of a hair cut which he and the other two men got on Wednesday night. For the first time, his hair cut is pretty cute :)

On Tuesday I woke up, got the kids settled with their morning demands and sat down to drink my coffee. When I thought about what to do that day, I had the feeling to clean or organize something. You know how rare these feelings are, so you have to take advantage of them when they come. We had wanted to get the boys in the same room for a while, and on Tuesday I decided I would just do it.

We moved Weston into Kingston's room, and made Weston's room the play room. I almost wish I had done this months ago. My house has stayed so clean the last few days. All the toys are contained to one area, and the boys are doing great in the same room together!

It's always amazing to me how toddlers know how to work smart phones, but on Wednesday I took the boys to the library and Kingston went and sat at one of the computers and started playing games. He's never even seen a desktop computer to my knowledge, so I was surprised he figured it out. That afternoon I let him get on on my macbook and he picked it right up.

One plus of having the boys in the same room, doing their bed time routines together. This morning when Kingston came into  my room he said "mommy, daddy prayed for Weston and mommy prayed for Kingston before bed". He loves having Weston in his room.

I hope we can always live close to beach. I'd miss it terribly if we couldn't. Summer nights just wouldn't be the same. We've taken our bikes down there so many times in the few weeks we've had them. We let the kids play at the playgrounds, run around in the sun, get ice cream.

It's hard to believe we've been married almost 6 years...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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    1. *sorry had to delete my comment the first time. misspelled several words ... I hate when that happens.*

      great idea moving the boys in the same room and turning the other bedroom into a playroom. wish I could do that but it wouldnt' work ... too much of an age difference. Nathan is 11 years old, Riley is 17 months old. Oh well. Have a great weekend yourself.

  2. Aw six years already! You two are cute together and not to mention you make cute kiddos :) looks like a great week! Lovely flowers!

  3. I always wanted my kids to share a room if I had two of the same... I love the idea of a play room, but not gonna work in my case. :) I am so jealous you live near the beach. That has always been a dream of mine.