May 21, 2012

A Reset

On Friday, I had the worst attitude that I woke up with. You know that kind of mood where it feels like everyone and everything is intentionally trying to set you off?

When you've gotten everyone ready (including clean hands/faces) to walk out the door, then one of the toddlers (we wont say names) decides to take a quick swim in the dogs water bowl...

When Dump trucks who drive 25 under the speed limit pull out of front when your running late...

Or when you had in your mind all day that we would eat the left over lasagna for dinner, all you had to do was heat up dinner after this crazy day you've had only to discover that your husband took it to work for lunch :/

I wonder how many times I apologized

One of those days happens pretty often, and I normally just roll with it
These are things I can laugh about now
Sometimes I wonder why I can't always recognize how minor they are in the moment..

Saturday, thankfully, was a different story
The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and we decided to get all of our grumpy selves out of the house to soak it up.

We took the kids to the park to fly their kite and ride bikes

It had been so long since I brought along the real camera. 
I loved watching them run around and chase the kite, tackle each other and roll down the hill. 

Do you see that red spec? 
Thats my little wanderer, Weston, who bolts almost the moment you set him down.
A leash may be in his future 

We came home for naps and then grilled some BBQ chicken for dinner.

It was a much needed reset
I'm so, so thankful for these days. That these boys extend grace and forgiveness to me, but more importantly that God does too and that He brings me to a place after the fact, where I can laugh about these crazy days of motherhood.


  1. I can totally relate! ESPECIALLY about the the lasagna leftovers, omg, been there. -aspen

  2. So glad you had the ability to regroup and turn things around. : )

  3. What beautiful boys you have! And it looks like a wonderful day was had by all, those days are such a blessing huh! I can relate to letting things get to me that really just aren't all that important, a good dose of perspective does wonders :)

    Stopping over from Call me Blessed :)

  4. Ugh, I have those kind of days all the time! Such a bummer about the leftovers! Kinda made me laugh though because I've totally been there lol.

    So glad you had a much better day on Saturday! Looks like a lovely afternoon at the park. You family is the cutest!