May 16, 2012

Little years

For mothers day, Ben got me the book "loving the little years" which I read in about two hours. It wasn't too long but was an incredible book.

I know we all have fears as parents. But I've always had this fear that one little instance will scar them or mess them up, which puts enormous pressure on me to always get it right and since I'm human, this is an impossible standard.

I never want to parent out of fear.
I want to have good relationships with my kids, and hope that they can talk to me about anything even if it's something that they have done wrong.

I want them to make good choices, not because they'll fear consequences but because they want to.
Reminding myself that when we discipline, we are bringing correction and teaching them why the sin is wrong and not just that it's wrong.
Showing them that sharing with their siblings has little to do with the toys but more to do with their love and relationship with one another.

It's about getting to the root and addressing the heart

There are many issues that I don't feel intimidated about anymore. Like how they'll be influenced when they go to school, or if they are exposed to media and conversations that are not edifying.
Disciplining them and building them up when they are young will hopefully allow me to release them to be lights in the darkness, instead of sheltering them out of fear.

How freeing

These years are crucial, I believe. This season is difficult on me physically, but it will be over before I know it.
I wont regret the sacrifice, and dreams put on hold if it meant I was able to fully devote myself to help my children build firm foundations and to raise up amazing men of God.

What an accomplishment that would be...

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  1. What a gorgeous family - they look so happy!

  2. This was so inspirational for other parents who always wonder if they are messing up with their parenting. You learn so much and its wonderful that you have confidence in training up your boys to be Godly men one day.

  3. My kids are about the same age and it's so true...these years are SO important! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. beautiful family! you seem like such a fantastic mom! found you via the wiegands xo