Apr 30, 2012

Sickies, snuggles and soup

Our weekend consisted of....

- Dinner out at Texas Roadhouse...mmm ribs and yummy rolls

- Comforting the bebe, who has been sick. The thing I like about when he's sick, is that he prefers me over daddy. Which never happens. I like being the one my boys come to for comfort.

- A trip to the library. It's been way too long. Both of the kids had such a great time. Kingston spent the majority of the time building tracks. I might even attempt story time with them next month.

- Baby snuggles. It makes me laugh how much Kingston is like his momma. As soon as I get home I always change into comfy pants, and by the time I had gotten back out to the living room, Kingston was in his comfy pants too :)

- 6 err 5 can tortilla soup. I don't like the canned chicken so I just use one chicken breast. My boys have completely different tastes, so usually one of them isn't a fan of dinner, but surprisingly this pleases everyone. I drain the boy's soup and serve it over rice.

- A pretty necklace

- I've mentioned before that Kingston gets up before anyone else in the house, but he plays in his room for about an hour. I love going in there and seeing all the fun he's had. On saturday, I guess he let his georges sleep in :)

On Sunday I stayed home with Weston while Ben and Kingston were at church. I got so much of the cleaning for the week already done, so we can have a lot of time to play this week. Looks like some warm weather is on it's way!
Oh and this week I'm going to get myself in gear and really tackle these 5 pounds I need to lose. Ben and I might even start running together. I got two bathing suits this weekend, so there is my motivation!


  1. Love the baby snuggles and the tortilla soup ;)

  2. I love the storytimes at our local library. The kids always seem to enjoy it and even made a few friends! Hope you get the chance to go!

  3. I love the necklace! Sweet post. Thanks!

  4. i am signing alex up for story time at our library. that necklace is so cute!!

  5. i am signing alex up for story time at the library this summer. :) that necklace is so cute!