Apr 1, 2012

Meet Elena!

You guys. Please take a sec and check out this gorgeous girl's blog. I have Elena from Bird & Tree guest posting today. I promise, you'll love her. I know I do :)

Hello lovely readers! I'm Elena and I blog over at bird & tree

I take a pretty broad approach to blogging and well, pretty much blog about everything! If you should stop by, you may find a post of me gushing about my super fun kiddos, a yummy recipe, a DIY ( in which I may or may not have injured myself completing during the process of said DIY...I' kind of clumsy) or a even a post on my thrifting adventures...because I have many, many of those! You will always find tons of photos...because, let's face it.... I wish I was a photographer...so I pretend... and I like visuals...so everyone gets them! You will even on occasion find me posting some poetry.... and I ramble about fashion...because I think the more I convince others to be bold in their "looks" the more I can be too! There are so many things about blogging that I truly love, but the greatest part for me has been meeting so many of you, the readers. There is such a strong community in the blog world and I am so unbelievably blessed to be a small part of it. Won't you stop by for a visit?!?! I would love for you to say hello! 

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  1. I agree, she is really beautiful and her blog is interesting.