Apr 12, 2012

A letter to my boy

I've written you many letters, and maybe this one will sound a lot like the others, but you've been the focus of my thoughts lately.
Do you know, that ever since I knew I was pregnant with you, I've prayed pretty much the same prayer over you every day? It's true. A part of that prayer was me asking God to set you apart. I never wanted you to fit the mold, or blend in. And now here you are, at 3 years old, completely not fitting in "the box". And for some reason, I'm surprised by this....

I often joke that you were stubborn even in the womb. From the time we thought we had lost you at 13 weeks, placenta previa, seeing specialist because of some concerning things that pointed to downs, PUPS, and the way you'd kick my ribs felt like they would break some times. I think I've always known you would be independent and well....different.

It's amazing to me how well I know you though. The times our eyes meet from across the room, and you'll come over and give me a hug without me having to ask.
I think I was the same as you, growing up. I made mistakes, but it didn't take me long and it didn't take anyone else telling me what to do, to get me where I am today. It was that difficult determination my parents had to deal with when I was little, that got me here. I have no doubt that you will succeed at whatever you set out to do. I love that you are not a follower. I love your attention to detail and your desire for justice.

Sometimes I feel defeated, and unsure with what to do with you, but you are so forgiving. We're figuring this thing out together.

I love you, Kingston. I'm so proud of you.



  1. Such a sweet letter. He's going to grow up to be a wonderful boy.

  2. They grow up fast. My oldest son is 17 and my youngest is 3 ~ and both childhoods seemed to be ~ and are ~ over so quickly. Lovely letter <3

  3. This is so sweet!!
    I hope to someday write letters to my future kids when I become pregnant & my 4 year old step son now!!

    Enjoy it while you can. I hear it goes by quickly.
    Happy Thursday


    1. Hopefully they will enjoy them. I know I would have :)

  4. so sweet - its amazing how God gives us glimpses into our little one's from even inside the womb!! hes precious friend!!

  5. PS your blog design looks great!!! :)