Apr 6, 2012


I'm really stoked the weekend is here and I'm loving instagram, obviously. I'm excited it's available for android users now too! Anyway, you can follow me @mrsfloyd915 and if you do, well then you've already seen most of these photos!

- Ben and I were able to get a date night last Friday. We both had a lot on our minds, but it was one of the best dates we've had in such a long time. He makes me laugh daily, I don't ever take what we have for granted.
- Chili's margaritas and apps, followed by a trip to guitar center
- Then we shared a half pump mocha

- We had a wonderful day on Sunday. The Boys were both good in their classes
- We had lunch with parents after church
- And came home for naps. The boys decided to get a head start on theirs, on the way home

- Me :)
- The babe being cute while shopping
- Kingston being a stinker
- Coffee with Ben

- When they get a long, I have to capture it with a photo
- Aquarium with his buddy, Ronin
- All he talked about the entire day was getting to see some sharks, and finally at the end he got to see them.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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