Apr 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Our weekend was full of fun with friends and family. Even through all the activities I had many moments where I paused, and thanked Him for the true meaning of this weekend. I don't have an issue celebrating Christmas and Easter, and letting my kids be able to have fun with it, as long as they also know why we celebrate them.

Saturday, we went with our friends and all our kiddos to an easter egg hunt! It's kind of funny how many kids there are between all of us now! (a few babies aren't even in the shot)

Weston would find an egg, open it, eat the candy, then throw down the empty egg and move on to the next. He wasn't interested in collecting them in his bucket!

After the egg hunt, a few of us went to lunch and then on to my mom's house so the kids could color some eggs. It was much more successful than last year!

Sunday we went to church, and then had a big family lunch at my moms.

My little stud muffins :)

The boys and their cousin, Jayden

No family pictures this year! 

Me, mom, sister and niece

Brother and sister

After lunch we headed down to North Carolina to see my grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and their kids. The kids played outside and decorated some cupcakes.

It was a very full weekend! I went in to it knowing that Kingston might get overwhelmed and shut down, and I told myself that would be okay. I wasn't going to get frustrated that he wouldn't do an easter egg hunt, or take family pictures. But for the most part, he participated in everything and he had so much fun. Makes me heart happy to see him enjoying himself :)

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  1. Your boys' Easter outfits are ADORABLE! You look great, too - love your shoes! :)

  2. Glad you had a great weekend! The boys are total stud muffins!

  3. Looks like a fun Easter!! The boys are so cute :)

  4. your boys are such cutie pies!

  5. Beautiful pictures.
    Love the one with the kids and their Easter buckets.

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