Mar 7, 2012

what I wore

Me and the boys went shopping yesterday, for their spring clothes. I think I officially dislike shopping as much as they do, simply because they make it a point to let me know how much they hate it the.entire.time. Online shopping is becoming more and more appealing.

I know it's been driving you all crazy not knowing what I've been wearing ;) Most days I can be found wearing a pink velour outfit, or my "born in the 80's" sweat shirt with some yoga pants. And to get real honest, Ben has even questioned if I wash these things since I wear them so much. But yes, they do get washed and then put right back on!

That one time I did get dressed this week, and did feel like taking a picture, can be seen below.

Purple shirt - Kohls. Tank - Target. Scarf - Old Navy

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I could go on and on with reasons, but I'll spare you. I will say that I am choosing to seek approval from God and my husband from now on, and they both think I've got it going on :)

I'll just hope assume this outfit wouldn't be cause to sign me up for "what not to wear".

pleated poppy