Mar 8, 2012

Small Style

I got some pictures of the boys this week. They semi cooperated and for once there wasn't food or dirt on their faces. I feel like no matter what I do, they are always a mess. Ah boys.

They wouldn't smile, but they did sit still. I'll take what I can get.

Button up: Target - Khaki's: Carters - Shoes: Old Navy

Shirt, Jeans: Old Navy - Shoes: Hand me down from friends

Their isn't a lot to choose from when I shop for their clothes, but I still have fun dressing them.
I got their easter outfits the other day. I can't - even - handle it. So stinkin cute! 


  1. Very cute! I got my little boy's Easter outfit at The Children's Place the other day! It can be depressing shopping for boy clothes when you walk in the stores and 3/4 of the store is full of girl clothes...and then there is one tiny section of boy clothes. Poor boys! I like Target & Kohl's and sale racks at Gymboree, Baby Gap, & department stores.

  2. They are still cute, even without smiles! Love the button-ups. I still need to figure out something for Easter.... hmmm...

  3. That's funny that they wouldn't smile. Just shows some personality. I think little boy Easter outfits are so cute! Some of the dresses for girls are ridiculous.

  4. So cute! They look like little men! I love Weston's shoes!

  5. Adorable photos of your boys! Just found you from WWIW!

  6. oh, your boys are the cutest! I know exactly what you mean about dirty faces though. It seems no matter how many times I wipe my boys' faces, they're dirty. I've gotten past caring though- ha ha!

  7. They didn't want to smile because they knew they were models. ;) Very cute outfits! Sometimes it seems like there isn't much to dressing boys (and all the cute girl clothes at Target just killll me), but I still have way more fun picking out Eliot's clothes than my own. Your boys always look well-dressed. :D

    1. haha maybe thats it! It really is ridiculous how many more options there are for girls, but I think it's probably a little overwhelming too. It would be for me anyway.

  8. you have some handsome men in your house! love their button ups! the colors are a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

  9. Oh my goodness, your boys are SOO adorable!! What handsome lil guys they are :)