Mar 4, 2012

a daily prayer

Our hearts have never been as full than they have in the last 3 years, when we became parents. I want to remember and thank Him for all of these sweet moments.

Protect them as they grow...

I know that they wont call me "mommy" forever, but my heart is full of joy when I hear it now.

Guard their hearts, their eyes, and their ears. 
Protect their innocence. ..

I hope they remember the songs I sang over each of them before bed. I hope that when they are older and hear those songs, they will remember me.

Set them apart. 
Let them be burning and shining lamps in their generation.. 

I hope they remember the prayers I prayed over them..

Give them warrior hearts that stand up for what is right.
Let them hunger and thirst after you.. 

They need to know how loved and wanted they were, before they were even born. 
I pray they never doubt our love for them.

Let them desire to do your will. 
Fascinate them..

I look at their little hands and feet and I wonder what He has planned for them. 
How will He use them?

Fill their hearts with dreams and the confidence to see them through.
Let our ceiling be their floor.

I can't thank God enough for this season of my life. He chose them for me, and me for them.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I would do it over and over and over..

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  1. Lovely post. I totally relate to the prayer.

  2. I just want you to know that I think you are such an awesome mama!

  3. I lloooooovvve that post Les!! Such a good reminder for us Mamas!


  4. Amen to that. I agree with every line of that prayer for my little guy too.

  5. This is so sweet! I love every word you wrote :)

  6. beautiful friend. I too pray for my girls...all the same things. I cannot wait to see what God does in their lives. you kiddos are precious!!!

  7. such a sweet post! I can echo everything you said. Motherhood is the greatest gift and I thank God every day for allowing me to be a part of something so miraculous.

  8. I have two boys & my husband & I daily, pray over them to lovers of the Lord. To be open to what the Lord has willed for their lives! Keep Christ as the center of the home & love your husband as Christ desires you to do (Titus 2) and show your boys the light of Christ through you!

    God Bless you and your wonderful family

  9. What a sweet post of a loving mommy heart. Thanks for sharing, Lesley.