Mar 13, 2012


I thought this was such a funny idea. I was crying reading some of your post's and was like "I doubt I have any awkward photos" until I went looking through my facebook and husbands cell phone. 

So here you go...a laugh at my expense.

This was our christmas card one year. Yep, we were that couple with only fur children who thought it was cute to include them in our family photos. Mmmmhmmm

Juno and Bleeker? 
Yep...we nailed it! 

Don't you just love when your friends tag you on facebook? Thank God, this was the only photo I was tagged in during this awkward stage. I'll let you pick me out. Hint: I'm the shortest. 

moving on...

 This was our family Easter picture when Kingston was just a baby. Cute right? Can someone tell me why I was so aggressive with Kingston's...ehem... 
Sheesh! No wonder he wouldn't smile.

 I can thank Ben for this one. This photo totally looked cuter in my head.

Loving this face. Not sure who's having more fun!
Get it girl. 

Aunie Sauce


  1. Thanks so much for linking up today! :] You have such a cute blog!

    - Katelyn

  2. hehe - this is so awesome! :)

  3. Pahahaha. Your writing style makes this so much funnier. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I looooove the Juno pic! You and Ben are hilarious.

  5. ha ha ha ha the last one is hilarious! I laughed at your expense numerous times - in a good way of course. Great awkward photos!

  6. girl, your pregnancy pic is too cute. not sure what your hubby is wearing but it's just all-around awesome! thanks for linking up!

  7. Precious pictures. Even though they might seem ackward to you, it looks like they also document funny situations.

  8. Cute photos. I think the one where your boy is pushing you is adorable!