Feb 9, 2012

weston cole

This little boy just makes my heart melt..

 I feel like I'm going to kiss those cheeks right off some days.
I just love his dark hair, and his big brown eyes, that cute little nose and wittle teeth that he loves to brush.

At 14 months old, he still seems like such a baby to me. 
So tiny

I love getting him from his crib every morning. As soon as I pick him up, he hugs me really tight. 
His open mouth slobbery kisses are too sweet. 
He's clingy and cuddly
I remind myself to take advantage of it now

I'm so blessed by this little one
I'm thankful that he's mine.

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  1. he is most certainly a cutie! and those slobbery kisses, they're the greatest aren't they :)

  2. what a sweetie! slobbery kisses are the best! :)

  3. He is so cute! I love his little bathrobe. Mornings are the best. Nothing better than morning snuggles and a little calling momma from their crib. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that last picture of him is so friggin cute! Seriously.

  5. Yup...he is just too adorable. A little heartbreaker!

  6. cute. don't you just love the way lil boys love their mama?!

  7. He is way too cute, especially in the first photo! :)

  8. What a sweetie!! Thanks so much for linking up, girlie!