Feb 21, 2012


I've been thinking about success lately, and how it looks differently to a lot of people. I would assume that many would not consider me successful.

I have different views on it though.

To me, success isn't a career, a new car, a big house, clothes, a really popular blog. I couldn't care less about these things. Of course I am happy with my house and we plan on getting a newer vehicle this year, these are not goals of mine. They aren't things in which I'll use to measure my success, and I can promise you, they are not things that He will use to determine it either.

I've been thinking about where I spend my time the most throughout the week. What is taking up time that I could be using to invest in my children, with my husband, with my creator? Yea it's probably the tv or the internet, where I'm bombarded with false ideas of success.

I'm not saying that any of this is wrong, but when "things" or social status become our way of determining our value and worth, then we've lost sight of our real purpose. I've been there....a lot.

Did I love well? 
Did I use my gifts and talents to glorify Him? 
Did I do what I was created to do and not what the world expected me to do?
Did I respect my husband? 
Did I give when my heart was burdened to give? 
Did I teach my children the importance of having a relationship with God, 
and that it should be the most important goal of their lives?

I believe that these things have eternal significance.

These are the ways I measure success.


  1. yes! love this post. there's such Truth here. it's so important to renew our minds because the world tells us all the opposites of what we know to be true.

  2. I believe you are successful in life if you have these goals at the top of your list of priorities. You are raising boys to serve and do 3x what you could ever do! So....you are successful!

  3. Ahh I needed this today. Thank you!

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  5. I consider you successful. My definition of success is like yours..

  6. This is amazing. Definitely makes me think about how I should really be spending my time. thank you :)

  7. Sometimes it just feels like so much to think about...and I get "stuck" there in those feelings.... You know, like desiring to be that Godly example and strength and actually carrying it through daily, it's hard sometimes. So glad we don't have to walk it alone!

  8. Love this post! You have the sweetest heart friend. Success shouldn't be measured by the things you have, I agree!

    P.s. I awarded you a cute blog award. I think it would be fun if you filled out questions too! (it's on my blog)

  9. good reminders for me today - thank you for this!