Feb 19, 2012


Happy Sunday! I'd like to introduce you to a few more of my sponsors for the month!


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Hi guys! Iw ant to thank Lesley first for swapping sponsorships with me! Her walk is such an encouragement to me and her family is such a blessing! I love her heart and her life! She’s pretty great!

I am Ashley and I blog over at Woman Walking Upright. I have been blogging, seriously blogging, for about 3-6 months. I honestly haven’t kept track. I have always loved writing and this world has just opened me up to see the calling that He has placed on my life. Most of my blog is centered on my love for who God is, and that He does and all that He has blessed me with. I am an almost 28 year old wife and mother and the first 23 years of my life were a complete whirlwind of disastrous moments. I blog a lot about my family—my hubby and children. I have been married to one stellar man for 5 years and we have 4 (almost 5) children together. Our oldest is adopted and we have 3 from my womb (and one cookin’ in the oven). I hope that my blog is completely transparent and genuine. I long to share my life, my faith and my heart with my readers and I invite you all to come check out my blog!


When I was fired from my job for being pregnant (my employer felt I could not perform my duties with the limitations of being pregnant) I was sitting at home going stir crazy.  I started my blog as an online journal but quickly got wrapped up in the world of blogging.  I post recipes and comical stories of being a new mother.  It is quite a change going from being a Harley riding construction worker to an amazing hybrid of Betty Crocker and Supernanny.

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