Feb 13, 2012


a bunch of jumbled thoughts...

Ben woke me up out of deep sleep this morning telling me that Weston was crying. As soon as my feet hit the floor I realized I had a pounding head ache and sore throat. The poor baby has been miserably sick for a few days. I feel like this little boy just can't get a break sometimes. I struggled with allergies so much growing up and I hate seeing him go through the same thing.

So today we are sick again, but completely out of groceries. I budget our groceries so close, and we have almost nothing by the time we need to go again. It's the coldest day, that I think we've had all winter, the baby and I are sick. Not sure how this is going to pan out.

I have nothing planned for Valentines day. I didn't get the kids anything, I didn't get the hubby anything and we have no date planned. I wish I was more creative and crafty, but I just don't have that gift. I guess I'll be brainstorming later today.

I hope this post doesn't sound like I'm complaining...I'm really not

We had a wonderful weekend though. Ben and I planned to go to a onething conference, and we thought we were going to have to take the boys, but my mom and sister watched them the entire time.

It was so nice being able to participate in worship and pay attention to teaching. 

My heart feels refreshed and ready to sign up again.

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  1. I've got nothing planned for Valentine's Day either but I do plan on going to the store later today to buy flowers and to decorate a little even if it's last minute. I hope you and Weston get rid of your colds quickly. Don't forget to disinfect! Take care.

  2. Hope you guys feel better soon... Being sick AND having a sick baby is the worst...

    I bought my husband a popcorn maker for Valentines Day this year lol...

    You should check pinterest out for your boys. They have the best ideas.. I am sure you already knew that though :)

    Good luck!!

  3. Hope you'll feel better soon. Being a great mother and wife is the best valentine's day present for all I think.

  4. sounds like a refreshing time, indeed! how wonderful.

  5. hope you all start feeling better! I do that too, I schedule grocery runs so close for I loathe the grocery store lol!