Feb 12, 2012

Meet Kaity

Happy Sunday! 
I have Kaity, from As We Grow here for you guys today. She's got one little boy, and one on the way. So, she's about to experience all the fun I get to every day :)


Hey there The Floyd Boys readers! I'm Kaity from As We Grow
I'm a young mama in her twenties, learning the in's and out's of motherhood and marriage.
I have a little man named Tucker, who will be 1 on the 15th! {I am having major meltdowns over this people.} And due with little baby Tanner on May 7th! I am also a super proud army wife of my lovely husband, Paul. We have been together since high school. So yeah, it's that whole corny thing of being the 'high school sweethearts' but I can't say I'm complaining.
When Lesley asked me to do a guest post for her, I was so excited. Probably because I totally soak up every second of looking at her blog! It kind of gives me a little look into my future of raising two little men :) But when she asked me to do this post, I wasn't sure what exactly to write about. So I sat and stared at the computer for a hot second, and realized.. hey, let's just talk about who I am and what I am all about over at As We Grow Sound good? Cool. Let's do it.

When I first started blogging, I kind of used it as a little outlet for my thoughts. I didn't really have a basis of what I wrote about, or whatever. I just kinda typed and whatever came out, well, came out.  Now, as my little corner of the blogging world is growing, I have really turned it into my own little space of family life, organizing ideas, natural cleaning and cosmetic tips, recipes, and lots of baby talk and pictures. {cause who doesn't enjoy a cute baby?}

I love to write from the heart. You won't ever see something from me that I am not 100% into or agree with. I am a firm believer in standing for what you believe in and having a voice.

I am a super big people person, I love meeting new people, learning new things, and connecting with people I never expected to connect with. Which is why I love blogging so much. There are so many amazing people in the blogging world, that I am so amazingly thankful to have come encounter with! {That's your cue to stop by and say hello}
So please, come on over say hello, and if you have any questions about guest posting, hosting giveaways, reviewing your products, or being a sponsor, shoot me an email

Also you can follow me on: twitter | pinterest | youtube
And, if you're an iPhone freak like I am, and have instagram, you can follow me there @kleechford

I hope you stop by and say hello! And thank you so much Lesley for letting me gab on your blog!

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