Feb 6, 2012

lesson learned

a lot of your are new readers..and missed the part where I blogged about short selling our condo last year.
It's a decision that was really hard for us to make. Ben and I both struggled with feelings of failure, and that we made a bad investment. At the time when we bought our first home, we felt we were being responsible. We borrowed much less than we were approved for. We got counsel from our parents. Everything fell into place and felt right. We didn't plan for fees to go up, we didn't necessarily plan that we'd have two children so soon, and we didn't plan on the housing market doing what it did. 

God wasn't surprised by any of this though...

With the way that God delivered us from that situation, into a home pretty close to the one of our dreams, the timing of it all, the fees waived. I wonder if it was mistake. I wonder if God was making all things work together for our good and possibly the good of another family. I wonder if the family who buys our now "deed in lieu of foreclosure" condo, wouldn't have been able to at full price?

Maybe it was a mistake. But I'm so thankful that by humbling ourselves and admitting that it might have been and asking for help, we're still able to see His blessing. After filing our taxes this year, there really wasn't much difference in the return than in years past when we were homeowners. 

It's so hard to know, if your hearing from God. I always had the mentality to just walk through the doors, and pray they shut if it isn't His will. No doors shut when we went to purchase that condo, and none were shut when we needed to let it go...so I have hope that all of this was His plan for us. It's scary walking through these things some times, but it's amazing when I look back and see that His hand was guiding us the entire way.


  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog lately. Dont blog. But recently just discovered this complete blogging world Americans do, and came across yours.
    Just wanted to let you know that I really admire your strenght in the Lord and sweetness in your blogs. Your boys are beautiful.In some way I can connect with some of the things you are saying and wish I could have met you! Have a good day!

  2. Going through the open door thing right now even though it doesn't seem what is best in my eyes.

  3. Hi I am Samantha, I found your blog through Tales of a real housewife. I am a 24 year old SAHM of 2 that also lives in VA! I am a new follower and can't wait to read more.

  4. We made some probably wrong moves before we were married...2 new vehicles and then had to pay for most of our wedding and honey moon in cancun. We came back and had NO money in the bank. not really how we thought our first year of marriage would go. but we are stronger now, and had the Lord by our side the whole time. :)

  5. It's hard sometimes to avoid accepting things "failures" when society tells us that is what it is. Your short sale might seem like a failure because the American dream always demands more, bigger. But maybe buying the condo was right at the time and when you moved on, maybe that was right too. Maybe it wasn't a mistake.

    I try to tell myself that I can't see the big picture when I think I'm not getting it right. Like, if I'm running late, I tell myself that maybe I would have gotten in an accident if I had left earlier. You never know. But here's the thing: when Chris and I first got married, we looked at another apartment that was $200 less a month. Seems logical to go cheaper since we were in grad school, right? Well, we didn't. We took out student loans for the more expensive one because something felt wrong about the cheaper one. Six months later, the cheaper apartment burnt down. Sometimes "mistakes" (monetary or otherwise) aren't mistakes at all.

    1. I think that way many times too. There is a reason for everything. Thats an incredible story about your apartment!

  6. loved this! i often feel the weight of financial decisions, we actually are dealing with a little right now with tax time here. i love the lessons He teaches and the blessings He brings in ways that we can not question that it is He that is doing the blessing! thanks for sharing!