Feb 23, 2012

The last 13

The last 13..

Ate: A cupcake shared with Weston in the back of the car on our way home tonight!

Bought: We bought Kingston his first bike tonight!

Cooked: Totally screwed up dinner tonight. I had in my head all day what I was going to make and realized once I got home to make it, that I already made it last week and didn't have the stuff! So I threw together some chicken, rice and pees. Everyone in this house hates pees except for ben : /

Drank: Glass of wine

Pinned: Bathingsuits. Trying to find cute one piece suits for this summer.

                                                                          Source: anthropologie.com via Lesley on Pinterest

Thought: I'm exhausted.

Wore: Gray sweats from aero and white thermal

Show Watched: Watching 30 rock now!

Movie Watched: Something borrowed

                                                                                    Source: imdb.com via Beth on Pinterest

Last Kiss: Was to Kingston as I tucked him in for bed

Last Phone Call: Was from my friend, Ellie, who is having her bebe tonight!!

Last Date with my husband: January 14th :( It's time.

Thing I appreciated: Warm weather days in the middle of february! 

The Last 13 Things


  1. CAN'T wait to buy my first boys bike for our little guy! And I've been pinning one piece swimsuits too--no bikinis after babies! :)

    Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. This is a neat post. Hadn't crossed my mind to do something like this. Maybe once I'm caught up I'll write something similar. I barely did a recap of 2011, lol.

  3. Love this! "Exhausted' was definitely my last {and probably current} thought as well lol.

  4. thanks for the well wishes :) still recovering, but I'm catching up on so much here at the hospital. Love, love that suit!! I just bought a one piece at Old Navy (big sale last week :) but I'd like to spend some real $ for a really nice one like the one above! very nice!