Feb 20, 2012

Kingston Michael

I get really emotional when I sit and think about how much I love you..my first son

You are just like me in so many ways.
I understand you.
I get frustrated when others don't.

I often feel the need to protect and defend you. You have such a strong spirit.
But I get it. I know you.

I love your heart. I love your passion.

I'm amazed, almost daily, at the things that come out of your mouth, and how I can have full on conversations with you. You make me laugh.

I love that your unique. I don't mind the challenge. You keep me on my toes. You are fearless and adventurous. You tell me you love me, and your always concerned with how I'm doing.
At 3 years old, you already know the way to my heart. You made me a cup of coffee the other day, all on your own.

Keep being you. Because your one incredible little boy.

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  1. This was so sweet and the things you said really reminded me of my son Jaxson and the relationship we have. :)

  2. Hi! I wanted to start following your blog, but I'm not seeing the Google Friend connect or a Linky tool? I'm probably just looking good enough... !?
    Can you help me?
    I love your blog btw. I left another comment on another post too. :)

  3. Hi Amee. Thank you! The google friend connect is right under my family photos button.

  4. kingston has the best hair ever! and ummm.....do you think he can teach gage how to make me some coffee?

    1. haha and he knows it! To be fair, all he had to do was put a k-cup in the keurig :)

  5. This is so heartfelt and sweet. He'll love reading this when he's older.

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  8. This is so precious! Lovely blog xo


  9. I thought it was the most precious thing when I was over and Kingston brought you a dandelion from outside. "Mommy, I got you a flower!" He is so sweet!

    1. sometimes he just brings me weeds that look nothing like flowers. But it's so sweet. Little boys are the best :)