Feb 8, 2012

keeping it real

No outfits for wiww. sorry to disappoint haha. Instead I'm guest posting over at As we grow and I'm also linking up with e, myself & i for some more confessions.

- I rarely leave the house without makeup on, but I really dislike putting it on. The same goes for my hair, and outfits. If someone wanted to pick out my clothes for me and do my hair. I'd be all for it. Getting ready to go out is such a chore to me. I sometimes feel like a tomboy on the inside, even though I don't really look it. Does that even make sense?

- I don't plan on sending my kids to preschool. Kingston knows more than a lot of preschoolers just from what I've taught him and gets plenty social interaction with kids his age. So, I don't feel like he needs it, and I love having him home. I've even considered homeschooling. It's something I never wanted to do, but is now something we're praying about.

- We probably wont go out on Valentines day. We'll eventually go out to dinner some time that week, but we usually have to work things out with our sitter mom and schedule around their plans.

- For some reason I can't eat at mcdonalds. I think it's so gross, yet I don't usually have a problem with wendys. Not sure what it is about mcdonalds. just can't do it. maybe it was the used band-aid in my kids chicken nuggets that one time?

- Weston is forward facing. there. I said it.

- I worked out on the treadmill yesterday for 30 minutes and then completely sabotaged it for a brownie last night.

- I'm friends with probably 250 people on FB but only half of them see my status updates. I have a problem with not telling people "no".

- Every time the bachelor ends in disappointment, which is every season, I promise Ben we wont watch it again next time. But who am I kidding? He stopped believing me a long time ago... we still watch it. Go Casey! 

- Even though I'm sure I complain a lot, though I try not to, I'm really looking forward to this again someday :)

Hope your all having a great week so far!


  1. Kendra is forward facing too... they changed the recommended age after we switched her and there is no going back! She wouldn't have any of it. :)

  2. Aww your prego picture is so cute! I complain a lot too, but I do look forward to being pregnant again. Maybe we will get pregnant at the same time haha.
    I've been looking into preschools for Ethan..it kinda makes me sad and I just want to keep him home forever! I even considered home school.

  3. I was excited to hear you are thinking about homeschooling. My parents homeschooled me, and we are planning to homeschool too. It is so great, I will be excited when Gus is hold enough to start working on stuff.

  4. Getting ready to go somewhere IS such a chore. Hate it. I finally did swear off The Bachelor and haven't looked back since! ;)

  5. I never leave the house without make-up and rarely without an outfit, but my hair often gets pulled back, and I put on a pair of earings and pretend it is the look I am going for. :) You look so adorable in your preggo pic!

  6. I feel the exact same way about getting ready to go somewhere. I hate, hate, hate fixing my hair so I usually just throw it in a ponytail as soon as I get out of the shower.

  7. I hate getting ready too, but I feel like such a slob if I don't. Some days it's out of control though... there's really no reason to put on makeup just to go to the grocery store, but I can't NOT do it.

  8. Yay. So glad you joined in today - cute blog!

  9. cute picture!!! i feel like that about putting on make up and getting dressed up to go out. i home schooled Alex for preschool. like you, i have taught way more than what they learn in preschool. he is probably going to be ahead of the kids in kindergarten. :)