Feb 27, 2012

Hey Monday...

You haven't been good to me so far, but you have a couple hours to make up for it still.

This morning Weston's last two teeth, bottom canines, decided to start bothering him. For the record, Weston is kind of a whiney butt most of the time, but he gets away with it because he's super cute, and will stop if you give him your undivided attention. No big deal (hah) When he's teething, he takes it to a whole other level.

Funny thing happened this morning. As I was listening to cartoons, crying baby and howling dog (she howls when he cries) I kept hearing weird noises. Almost as if someone was breaking in, from the back of the house. I couldn't figure out what it was all morning until finally I realized there was some.thing in the dryer. Like something alive, with claws and pretty large, trying to get out.

Since this was an emergency, I called my husband to come straight home. He pulled out the dryer and found nothing. Of course the noise stops when he gets home. But I have proof that even the dog heard it!

After he started shaking the dryer vent, a bird came flying out! Haha! Proof that baby crying did not in fact make me go crazy and start hearing things.

It flew straight into our living room mirror. I ran to open the front door and out it went. Kingston was hysterical, and might have a bird phobia from here on out. Time will tell, I guess.

After all that, me and the boys went grocery shopping and they are now napping.

I'm tired though. More than just physically...Since I would like this to be a positive space, I think I'm gonna take a little break, regroup, get this house in order and love on my boys. 
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. That is funny about the bird! Sometimes I feel like I am hearing things even with the millions of sounds going on the house all the time. Hope the last few hours of the day get better

  2. Oh my gosh! That is crazy about the bird!

  3. What a crazy bird!!!

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  4. wow!! crazy bird!!! have a great week friend!! :)

  5. OMG that made me laugh out loud!!!!! thats just so wild!!!! hahahahha :) glad yall were ok. silly bird.

  6. um crazy bird story! whoa. kinda freaky!

    hope you're enjoying the break. : )

  7. Oh my gosh! A bird! I would seriously be freaking out!!!

  8. omgsh Lesley, that is crazy :) I would have freaked out :) so glad that you were able to pinpoint the noise, I would've wondered about my sanity too! Hope you are well sweet friend!