Feb 2, 2012


There are some things I've been processing lately. Our family really has plenty to be thankful for, but there are a lot of things that we go without. We never have the newest anything. We rarely have name brand clothes, are often fine with store brand foods, buy used, gladly accept hand-me-downs...etc.

It's a decision Ben and I made a few years ago, that we would rather be together and live simple, than have all of those things and have to put our kids in childcare or have Ben work a second job. This post isn't meant to bash anyone...I know many people have no other choice, and many others enjoy what they do. This is just what we wanted for our family. There's no right or right or wrong way. Of course it's hard sometimes, when our flesh kicks in and we have wants. There are a lot of things that we could use around the house, I want to finish decorating, I want to visit friends and family this year for vacations, and we want a bigger vehicle if we plan to have more children.

But there are so many people all around me with real needs...and not wants. 

We have money just sitting, in case of an emergency, when someone I know is having a real emergency now. My heart is changing. Suddenly the couches we are ready to replace, seem like they could last another year. 

We had such a wonderful Christmas last year. But I promise you, it will be different from now on. I hope to teach my children something else than just wanting all the time. I hope to show them how amazing it can feel to have financial freedom from debt so you have the means to bless those in real need.

I would like to give in other ways too. I realized something about myself lately, that needs to change. And that is learning to love my friends and family unconditionally. I never knew, that when I was "doing" for others, somewhere deep in my heart I was expecting the same in return. If you asked me, I would probably deny it. But when it came time for someone to come through for me, and they didn't, I was hurt. They never made this agreement with me, but I assumed thats what friends do. I now realize that a real friend would just give...with a loving heart, because they genuinely want to bless someone.

This year I want to learn selflessness in a new way. I want to joyfully give my time, money, listening ear, whatever I can...to whoever needs it. He's been tugging on my heart, and I'm listening. If I can give, I want to. I want more of Him and less of me.



  1. Love this post! I know, thinking about people who don't even have enough money for a place to live or food to eat is really an eye opener huh? We will be in the same situation as you soon, but I agree with you, nothing will be better than getting to stay home with my baby! Good luck with everything!

  2. wonderful post hun!! i need to work on giving too! :)

  3. yes, it's so important to teach ourselves the difference between need and want and teach our hearts to love simplicity.

  4. WANTS vs. NEEDS is something I have to check myself on constantly. Love your heart.