Feb 24, 2012

cell phone pictures

Still have my DSLR lent out to my friend, so enjoy some cell phone pictures of our week. I did good this week picture (quantity) wise.

This past weekend I was pretty sick. Still dealing with stuffy noses here but feeling better. Anyway when momma is sick, there isn't much cooking being done.

These snack cups save my sanity some days. They at least contain most of the snack..
Kingston's lego creations


On Wednesday we ditched this...

 For this...

One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is the park right at the end of our street. 

My loves and Bff's

An evening walk with the boys

Stories with daddy before bed

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the pictures. And I love that your boys are are your best friends :)

  2. Your boys are adorable! I love the little table they are sitting at and eating! I bet they love it! Thanks for linking up doll! xoxo

  3. aww! I love the picture of the two of them laying down together. So precious.

  4. They are just so cute! Sorry you have a trailing cold. I know how that goes -- I've had sniffles for months. Hope you're doing better! :)

  5. Sorry to hear you've been sick :( we've been fighting that around our house too. I love that orange shirt in the playground pics - so cute!

  6. that cart is about the coolest one I have ever seen. Hope you are getting better.

  7. such sweet pictures!! my boys are my bffs too! :)