Jan 5, 2012

why i blog

I'm sure those of you following (or stopping by) who have blogs, do it for the same or similar reasons. Like recording your kids milestones, promoting your business, day to day life or just getting things "out" that have been on your heart.

I guess I feel the need to share since some of you reading, might be friends, family or even go to church with me.
I have been blogging since I was 14 years old. Over the years where I've done my online journaling and how I've done it, has changed, but this here blog is almost 2 years old.

Many of you, who know me, know that I'm a pretty quiet person. But actually.. there is usually a lot on my mind. As a pastor's daughter, I've always felt watchful eyes on me and have feared that the things I say or do might offend people. It's made me a very guarded person and careful with my words.

In September (2011) I came across a few blogs of women who had little boys (this was huge for me since all my friends have the "perfect mix"), they were obviously christians and were sharing things on their hearts that was so real and relevant to me. I don't have many people like this in my own life, but I desire it so much. I often feel alone in the way I think, in my dreams for my life and my family. But "meeting" mothers who shared these same desires and held nothing back when it came to their faith, was so inspiring.

I think thats when I felt I should stop worrying about offending, and start being real

My desire for this blog is share my story in the hopes that you'll be blessed. It's not about comparing or one upping. It's not about me trying to pretend I have a perfect life. We have good days, and we have bad days. I try to focus on the good ones but I am human.. I do share a lot on here, but I don't share it all. I don't intend to throw my faith in your face, but it is the most important thing to me and what keeps me going, so you'll read a lot about it here.

The wonderful thing about this blog, is that you can choose to read or not read.

The times I get comments from some of you, that you were encouraged by what I said, seriously makes my day. It's what I want this blog to do. This blog is an outlet for me, it's an online community that I love being apart of and it's my way of reaching out to whoever wants to listen, in a way that works for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog and I enjoy reading about your life!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart - this is beautifully written. Keep it coming, Lesley!

  3. I am glad I "met" you. I have enjoyed getting to know you a little through your blog.

  4. Aww so glad we came upon each other through blogging. You have such a kind heart! Don't worry about others, just be yourself :) I would love to heat more about faith from you!

  5. great post! your so sweet! I am (or used to be) a ppl pleaser and sometimes teeter on what might offend someone when I'm writing a more personal type post... I'm learning to let go :) feels pretty good too!

  6. What a nice post! I know it always makes me happy to meet fellow blotters who have similar views.

  7. thank you for sharing. You really have a wonderfully beautiful blog.

  8. I tagged you! now your it.


  9. Well I have really enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you a little bit through it! It's wonderful that you are so honest, and I hope you continue to blog the way you have been! And good for you for sticking to your faith. :)

  10. popping over from Our Little Bubble... I love, love, love your boys' names! tea or coffee in that mug of yours? ;)

  11. I meant to comment on your embrace the camera...but I liked this post you wrote, so I had to comment here instead. :) I have two boys, and loved all things male for as long I can remember. We did welcome a daughter this year, but I still stand on the side of mommas of sons! I liked your reasoning behind blogging. Very honest and encouraging!

    1. Well thank you! We do plan to have more and I wonder if we ever did have a daughter, how it would be since I'm so used to boys. Thanks for your comment!!

  12. i love this sweet girl! I too found it difficult at first whether to share what was REALLY on my mind! after i while of pouring into the blog, I felt Him tugging on me that I truly needed to get real and share my life, the life that He gave me, with others! It's then that I've found the most freedom and encouragement and my intimacy with Him has grown! Thank you for this! xoxo