Jan 24, 2012


I finally did it. I realize this was one of my resolutions, and I'm just now getting to it....ah well. As I would think about the things I wanted to do in a week, I got really overwhelmed. Well after creating a little schedule this morning I found I really do have time for everything.

Before you think I'm some schedule queen and we'll stick to this by the minute...don't. This is just a guide for me so I don't get overwhelmed. Will we ditch the schedule some days for play dates? Yep. We might even spend the whole day watching movies some times, if that's what everyone is feeling. But I think it's good to have a plan. Because we all know if we don't make our own plans, someone or something else will.

Here's a little snapshot of what I'd like our week to look like.

We all get up pretty late :) But hopefully I'll get to have prayer time, read with the boys, one on one with Kingston, time to shower alone!! get some cleaning done, exercise a few times a week and make some meals!

R/T is room time. The reason for room time is to let them have time to play alone, without having to share (teaching them to share just might drive me insane) or have me tell them "no". I've noticed it's encouraged creativity in Kingston, since we started this over the summer. Also, Kingston can't nap anymore since he wont go to bed until 11pm if he gets one. So I need this little break from him.

We just started room time with Weston. His started at 15 minutes (or until he started crying) but he is now happy for about 30 minutes! I put him in his crib with books and puzzles since he's kind of little to be alone in his room.


  1. Room time????!!!!

    Why have I never thought of this???

    Instituting tomorrow.

    thanks girl!

  2. Wow. I need to make a schedule like this!

  3. totally love that you have written out a schedule and included prayer time! totally need to do this :)


  4. without a schedule I would totally be flailing like a fish! this inspires me to make one like this though... rather than relying on my google calendar for it all. we have quiet time everyday (even after preschool for the 2 older boys) they can choose a toy/game or educational dvd, I was just telling John I will do "quiet time" until they are at least 10 :) then the challenge is to see how much I can get done in that 2 hours! :)

    1. Haha that sounds like me! I had a hard deciding what to do in those two hours too!

  5. I make a schedule like this too!! So much easier to get things done...or not! :)