Jan 22, 2012

Meet Elizabeth!

Hey bloggers! This is Elizabeth over at Shenanigans ! I'm a nurserunnerwife for 3 1/2 years to my best friend, and (since being married) a traveler. The hubs and I have been able to see and live in many different states. We met in Idaho, traveled to Africa, moved to Utah, then Hawaii, back to Idaho and are now moving to New Mexico for a year. We love to see all this world has to offer and enjoy the silly things that happen in life.
I started blogging for family to follow our little adventures while traveling. Unfortunately we've never been able to live close to family so our blog has allowed our family to see whee we are living and what
s h e n a n i g a n s we've been up to. Come check us out too as we start making memories in New Mexico!
New Years Resolution
My new years resolution for this year is taking this advice and applying it to my life.
I've always been the person who loved moving and couldn't wait for our next move and adventure. I need to learn to embrace and enjoy where ever we are at. Our home is where we are at. Some places have been better than others, but I'm with my best friend and that's all that matters. Make the most of what you have and where you are and you'll be happy no matter what. :) Happy New Years!

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