Jan 1, 2012

Meet Christa!

Today I have an amazing blogger to introduce to you.
The beautiful, Christa! 
We all have a handful of our favorite blogs that we love and relate with. Our Little Bubble is definitely one of mine and I am so excited to have her here today.


Hello there!
 I'm Christa, the writer/typer/blogger at:
"Our Little Bubble"

I'm a wife, mother, blogger, hardcore coffee drinker and pathological picture taker (what mom isn't.. right?!?!)

Our days are very busy, sometimes chaotic and always full of our busy little boys. My blog has been my creative outlet and it's given me such a wonderful network of women that I've connected with and enjoyed getting to know!

I have a very patient husband (thank goodness!!) we have 3 little boys and a surprise baby that I am anxiously waiting to deliver any day now! I've become a big fan of Lesley's... I always feel such a connection with other boy mom's and mom's with other small children. I'm excited to introduce our new tiny family member very soon... like hopefully next week :) and actually next Friday would be perfect!

We welcome you to come meet the fam at Our Little Bubble.


  1. wow. I just stumbled upon 2 blogs with mamas who have 3 boys like me.....awesome fun, right?! ;) happy new year!!

  2. I already found her and love her blog! I'm so happy to see you supporting other blogs!

  3. follwing you via follow me wednesday!

  4. Thanks Lesley!! Well... our new baby was definitely listening to me!! HE decided to join us yesterday! So we have another beautiful handsome little boy... A New Years Day baby! Will post pics as soon as I get some sleep :)