Jan 25, 2012

keeping it real

Because I had so much fun with this last week, I'm doing it again :)

- As soon as I'm home from wherever I was, I snap my wiww pictures and usually change back into yoga pants. Is that lying? Well I'm fessing up now!

- I love slippers. I'm always wearing them if I'm home.

- I'm a little addicted to chips and guacamole right now. Chili's has it on their 2 for $20..and we may have spent most of our spending money for the month there. My whole life I've been scared to try avocado, simply because of the color. When I was pregnant with Weston, I tried it, and now I'm hooked.

- I can't spell to save my life but I'm pretty good at words with friends.. (mrsfloyd915) just sayin..

- I see so many thoughts about being "real" and then others saying you need perspective and shouldn't complain, throughout this blogging community, that I'm not even sure what to post sometimes. I agree with and respect both sides..but still it's confusing. I should and do write about the things I want to, but it does cause me to question my heart at times. Thats probably a good thing though.

- I don't usually enter giveaways. The time I did enter, I actually won...and it was great. But I'm not a fan of following someone I normally wouldn't, just to win something. I like to keep up with the blogs in my google reader.. and I don't see how I could if I were following so many new ones all the time. It's exciting seeing your followers increase, but your comments and emails back in forth are what I love!

- I don't own a mop. I don't know why I don't..I guess I just always forget to pick one up or maybe it's just never in the budget. probably both. but cleaning our massive living room on my hands in knees is getting old quick.

- I know that Weston isn't saying half as much as Kingston did at this age. And I'm not worried about it in the least. Funny how things change...I have a feeling Weston is going to get away with a lot.

- There are bite marks on the blinds in the living room. Why?

- despite it's not-so-nice title..the youtube video "stuff" girls say has had me laughing for a week. It's scary how much of that I say on a daily basis.


  1. I love slippers too! I need to find the perfect pair. And ya know what you need? A shark steam mop! Sooooo awesome.

  2. I love the "stuff" girls so too. Oh my gosh, I have been cracking up!!

  3. I like this post :) I automatically change into yoga pants or sweat pants as soon as I get home. Or I just never get out of them if I don't go anywhere. Totally feels like I am lying or cheating on WIWW post lol. I going to look you up on Words with friends so we can play! I've read a lot of real and perspective post lately too, and I feel the same way, confused. I think everyone needs to write real post and still have perspective on life, but I also think we should all be able to write what we want without any guilt or questioning.

  4. what on earth is words with friends?! i want to play! :)

  5. Haha! I love this post. I loved your last one, too. There are bite marks on the blinds. Why? Haha! :)

  6. ha! love all these, love this link up idea! :) and totally agree about keeping it real on your blog - it can be confusing, but I think that as long as you feel led to share something, there is a reason you should share it...you never know who it might be touching. Ive been terrible about keeping up with great blogs like yours lately, so forgive me! :) but so glad to catch up a little! Have a blessed weekend!

  7. haha too funny! And I love slippers, too! :-)

  8. I was blog hopping and found your blog. I still need to read through more of your posts but thought I would comment under this one because I can relate ... alot! Even though I'm 11 years older than you it surprises me how similar I think we are. Of course I'm a total stranger, older, have 3 kids 14 yrs, 11yrs, and 14 months old. Been married for 15 years which have really felt like 5. I'm conservative and I'm also trying to raise my kids according to His word. At times consistency is very challenging but I stick to my guns and teach my children the right way, His way. Anyway, I could go on and on but don't want to bore you ... oh and I also L O V E coffee! Dunkin Donuts original blend to be exact. This is my blog ... www.jacobgraceandkids.blogspot.com ...for whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Have a blessed day.