Jan 19, 2012

keeping it real

- I need to dust off the treadmill. I mean..literally..it's covered in dust. I would rather starve than exercise. But since I know that isn't healthy...I've been considering it.

- Weston really needs a hair cut...I can get it in a pony tail

- I want to learn to use my camera better...I never feel I have the time though

- I have this bad habit of buying things and then changing my mind after the fact that I've worn it and taken off tags. Sometimes I get things home and I'm like "what was I thinking?!" I blame it on the boys since I'm clearly not thinking while I'm in a store. (I'm handing out sippy cups and snacks and the leap pad and my phone to keep the peace.)

- Doing our taxes every year makes me so nervous. It's going to be worse this year since we have the house situation. I would rather just pay someone to do it.

- We are completely out of diapers right now. Weston is wearing the last one!

- I used to be so organized, a planner, scheduler, list maker. I'm not at all like that any more. I want to be though.

- I was reading through my blog archives the other day, back when Kingston was just a year old. The things I stressed about then, make me laugh now.

- I really do want more kids, but the transition from 1 to 2 was such an adjustment (and still is) and all I hear is that 2 to 3 kids was the hardest for most people, sometimes I wonder if I could even handle it.

- I feel prettier with long hair, but I hate dealing with it and looking like a teen mom :/

My hair is at the point where I need to make a decision though. Cut it short again or deal with the awkward length for a while.



  1. I do the same thing when I go shopping.. Or I don't buy something at all and regret it.

  2. Going from two to three was easier for me than going from one to two. Of course, my oldest is 11 and a half years older than my second, so he was {and still is} tons of help with the two little ones......

  3. Haha on the teen mom thing. : ) 1 to 2 (3 years apart) was a breeze for me. I think it was the spacing of the kids more than anything. Going from 2 to 3 (17 months apart) was INSANE.

  4. Hi Lesley :) I cut my hair short almost a year ago and while I liked it at first I miss it so much now! Like you, I hate dealing with it when its long and all the shedding and random long hairs everywhere but not it's at that awkward in-between stage and it's driving me nuts! Definitely don't think you look like a teen mom with your hair long though :) I'm already a follower of yours but I wanted to thank you for joining the blog hop! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Love your blog! I am about to be a momma of two boys as well! I'm due with our second in may :)
    New Follower :)



  6. I'm with you on the exercise, I would much rather control my eating than exercise! I have no motivation!

  7. i think the best part of working out is getting to eat more. : )

  8. this sounds like me!! haha! minus the long hair. i look terrible with my hair short! :)

  9. Your kids are adorable!!


  10. It is so my goal to learn to use my camera too! I've had it for over a year but I just don't put the time into learning all of it's mechanics for some reason. How lame of me!

  11. Lesley, I worry about going from one to two all the time, but I try to keep in mind that Eliot will be older than he is now. By the time you have a third, Kingston might be interested in helping out more and be capable of it too. And your hair looks great short! Then again, it always looks good long too. :)

  12. Oh, how I can relate! I get buyer's remorse all the time, too. My husband used to call me the queen of returns, but I don't do it very much anymore. I have to REALLY love something to spend the money on it now.

    I also have the same situation with my hair. I like my hair long, but I feel like I look so young with it and I really hate trying to keep it out of knots and looking nice. Plus, the only thing I can get it to do is go into a ponytail. It would be so easy to cut it short again, but my hubby likes it long. Decisions, decisions.

    Whatever you decide, you're a pretty lady. :)

  13. yep.. i'd rather starve than exercise too.. how lame is that? :P
    beautiful blog! i'm you newest follower!

    it must be (so)... liberating

  14. Love this post. Your hair is gorgeous and I totally hear ya. I look young also. Cute blog!

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