Jan 15, 2012

January Sponsors

Here is another round of sponsors for the month! 
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I'm a happily married 30-year-old living in colorful Colorado! I love Jesus, travel, photography, art, crafts and all kinds of design. Kate.Home.Love blog is my way to share my experiences, my faith, cool things that inspire me, my photography and editorial work. You'll find ideas to fill your home, pretty things and projects to do, artist works and links to other things I enjoy. I have a focus on my home as my ministry, and I hope to share that with you. I pray this blog will be as much a blessing to you as it has been to me.

I'm Amy, happily married to Jesse, with our two sweet daughters Grace and Emma. I am a Christ-follower and so grateful for the grace of God which impacts every area of my life. I love to try new recipes, dress cute, be a good friend, and take care of people.

I blog about 5 topics.  The same 5 topics every week, actually.  They are:
1) Being a momma to two adorable little girls
2) Recipes that I love to make and think you should know about
3) Books that have really made a significant impact on me and why
4) Being a Christ-follower and reflections on faith
5) Style

Hi, Im Jennifer! I write over at The Thrifty Military Wife blog. Im a military wife and a mom to 1 little girl. And we live in Hawaii. I write about a lot of things: motherhood, military life, deals and much more! I hope to see you over my way.

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  1. Thanks so much, Lesley! I appreciate you highlighting me! :)