Jan 13, 2012

cell phone pictures

This boys is a master at puzzles!

I love them playing together

Play date with a buddy!

Boo boo's all better by a hug from daddy

life rearranged


  1. Love your cute little blog and everything about it!

  2. Your little boys are so cute.Puzzles are a really great way of improving the mind of children.It was really great going through your blog.

  3. Your boys are so cute. Love their names too! I had to write down that verse you have under your title. I love it! I have 4 boys, so it's soooooooo fitting!!!

  4. Cute photos! Aren't daddy snuggles the best :)

  5. cute pics! i can see from those photos that your boys are smart kids. :) handsome and friendly too. ♥ theses photos are perfect to put in an online photo album, http://www.babypics.com/ you should try it :)

    nice pictures , nice blog! keep them coming :) kelly ♥