Dec 19, 2011


I normally have all my post's for the week already written and scheduled by now. I take some time over the weekend and write 3 or 4 at once. Then I can just read all of your blogs when I get a chance during the week.

That didn't happen this weekend. There are 3 boys in this house, who all speak the same love language. And that language is "time". Thats right, they all want my time. The one thing I never feel I have enough of. 

This one demands it by hanging on your legs, or screaming at you until you pick him up. Then all is well.

This one wont tell you directly, but you can quickly figure it out by his actions.

And this one has a way of making you feel super guilty by throwing out little hints. And he's right.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I just want to get ready for the day without making Weston feel neglected. I want to read a book or blog about the things on my heart for the week without Kingston asking me for something every other minute. And sometimes (most times) I'm so spent by the end of the day, that I have nothing left to give my husband when he comes home from work. 

But when I recognize that their needs are more important than my wants, the results are wonderful. I have a home full of happy, valued and loved boys who's hearts are full to love me right back.

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  1. i feel this way often. i am so exhausted when my hubby comes home. but him understanding makes it all better!! :)

  2. I relate to this all too well. Giving is hard when you're worn out. I think it is so necessary for me to find little moments here and there for myself. That way I feel like I have more to give. It is tough, but it is getting easier as my little guys get a bit older. Great post!

  3. I understand the struggle! I don't have kiddos, but for the past couple years I've been taking full-time classes and working two jobs. I've felt so guilty because my husband just wasn't getting the best of me. In another year or two, we want to have kiddos and I'm sure it will be even harder then. But it sounds like you get a lot of fulfillment from your boys, too. And that's wonderful. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Getting most your post done on the weekend is a good idea! I usually take the weekend off of blogging and spend the time with my boys. But then I have to write post in the mornings or late at night :/
    I understand what you mean about time. I created my blog as a way to get "me time" but it seems some days life gets in the way, and that's okay. Balancing everything in life is what every mommy has to deal with, right? Some days are easier than others and some days our boys just need us :)

  5. I have the same struggles as well but as you said healthy happy and loving children is what we want in the end even if we do seem off balance from time to tome

  6. boys before blog....that's the way to go :) having 3 boys of my own I know that 'quality time' love language is sometimes the most challenging to hand out, esp in busy seasons!

  7. It's hard to find the right balance sometimes! And trust me, as they get older, it does get easier-ish! ;D

  8. New follower from Casey's page. :) what a handsome group of boys!

  9. so true... their needs are much more important than our wants! I love that quote! :)

    Stopping by from Casey's...


  10. I totally get this! I always feel so guilty when doing my hair, blogging or cooking dinner even and my little girl is just pulling at my legs. But then I flip it around and remind myself that this isn't a nuisance but a blessing!