Dec 5, 2011

One Day

One day, I'll look back on these photos and laugh. However frustrated we all might have felt at the moment, no matter how many bribes were offered, or how many times I actually captured a smile only to realize the picture was blurry. No matter how many years our Christmas cards have paid the price, we will look back and laugh. I'll think it was silly that one second of my life was waisted on being frustrated that my children wouldn't sit and smile, since they never do that any way.

And it's true for so many situations that I'll face. I may feel defeated at some point, but it isn't what I'll remember when I look back on our life. I'll remember how Kingston came up to me later that day and said he was sorry. I'll remember how me and the boys had pizza that night followed by wrestle time on the floor with daddy and I'll remember that I didn't let this ruin our day...and I'll be thankful.

You know, next year I will probably just send the one with them all screaming. This is reality folks.

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  1. This is totally funny. I still have yet to get a good pic of my two boys where they are all dressed up. I would never even attempt a christmas card with a photo on it. I dont even have a photo with me, my hubs, and kids! anyway I think you won something this morning!

  2. all of my photo shoots with the boys are like this!!! when i look back at the pictures i laugh and i am glad have the "screaming" pictures, or the "funny face" pictures!

    ps: cute new profile picture! :)

  3. I am glad we have them too. the last one is my favorite!

  4. Oh gosh, I LOVE these photos and think they'd make the cutest Christmas pictures, even if they aren't what you were going for. The last one especially. =]
    You're right, someday you'll laugh so no point to be mad now... although I for one think it's perfectly justified to be frustrated in the moment. =]

  5. Oh goodness. I try so hard not to get frustrated when photo sessions aren't going perfect with Eliot, but the awesome thing about having a good camera and taking your own photos is that you can catch those sweet moments when Kingston and Weston aren't looking and don't realize it. :) Those are the most important photos.

  6. haha we have a TON of those pics too! ok and your little ones are TOO cute!! :) what a blessed little family you have!