Nov 15, 2011

Weston's 1st birthday

Our weekend was great. It was full of fun and lots of family time.

Friday night Ben picked up a pizza and after the kids went to bed, we watched the movie "Tree of life"......................................ummm that was a strange movie. We went to church, the children's museum, took naps, had dinner with my was great.

But the big deal was on Saturday. We had Weston's baby dedication and first birthday party. The whole baby dedication is kind of a big deal to me. We had a small gathering of close friends and family for both of the boys dedications, because I really wanted the people there to actually know my son and make a commitment that they will help look out for them, and possibly kick them in their behinds if needed. Kind of like that whole "it takes a village to raise a child" concept. I think it turned out really well and I loved what my family had to say during the dedication. Now I'm gonna overload the rest of this post with pictures...

It's cool Kingston...thanks for joining us


thats my boy!

some ball pit...thanks mom

*off to get more balls for the ball pit!*

Oh! and if your still reading...I'm so close to convincing Ben to get me a new camera. You know..I just casually throw hints out there when the kids are doing something cute I'll say "man, were missing this! if only we had a better camera." wink. wink. And lately there have been canon rebel commercials on tv which has been a huge plus for me. But my question is...what should I get? What do you use? 


  1. I love the cake pics and the ball pit is too funny!

    I love my camera. It is a Nikon 3100. I am still using it on auto though and I've had it for a year.

  2. I have the Canon Rebel xsi and love it but I've heard the newer rebel t3i (I think thats what it is) is pretty nice.

  3. These are the two I'm deciding between! I don't know which is better..or would be better for me.

  4. Looks like Weston had a blast! And he got that pirate ship! That is Eliot's favorite thing in the world.

    Tree of Life was kind of disappointing. It could have been an amazing, timeless film if he hadn't bunked so many conventions. I think I'm supposed to go along with it being "artistic," and maybe I can deal with the loose form, but it lost me with the dinosaurs. It was very beautiful, though!