Nov 9, 2011


I love the Christmas season more than most...probably. I'm the one listening to Christmas music or pulling out the decorations a little early but, for some reason, it just feels too soon this year. Am I alone in this? What happened to Thanksgiving?

I have gotten a few gifts that I've been scoping craigslist for, because my boys have november/december birthdays. But one of the most enjoyable things about the holiday season, for me, is getting peppermint mochas and going out with my mom and doing all of our shopping together...even if we are fighting crowds. I'm not in a hurry to get it all done ahead of time.

Maybe when Thanksgiving gets closer I'll be more in the spirit...

I'm really excited to take Kingston to the outdoor ice rink and to see the lights at botanical gardens though. I know he wont sit on Santa's lap but Weston probably will. He would cuddle right up to him I'm sure.

I love my boys and I love that I have a little family to celebrate these holidays with.


and p.s this is what I'm wearing today :)

Top: F21
Jeans: charlotte russe
shoes: target
Adorable little boy: I made him

I'm going to try and get better about getting out of my sweats and putting some clothes on during the if that happens I'll be sure to snap a picture. Please don't judge the condition of our backyard. I wish I had a good excuse...but it's pure laziness!


  1. very cute! I'm stopping by from the lovely poppy and would love for you to checkout the huge ($100) giveaway i'm having that ends tomorrow-

  2. I love your outfit! (Visiting from ETC!)

  3. You look like you have a fun backyard that keeps kids happy. No need for apologizing! Perfection is over-rated. I agree with you, it is too soon for Xmas. November is for gratitude. :)