Nov 22, 2011

so many reasons

I am so very excited that this week is finally here. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and after that, I will allow myself to get in the christmas spirit. Kingston is already so excited with all the christmas trees at the mall. It's beautiful, watching your kids get filled with excitement as they understand it all for the first time.

I've spent the majority of this month in an attitude of thanks and I really can't think of too many things that have gotten me down. It's been so good for me. Even healing in a way. After this weekend, Christmasy things will be consuming a lot of my thoughts and time, so I wanted to take one more opportunity to list all the things I am thankful for...alphabetically :)

A - Appreciate i'm thankful that i'm in a place i can appreciate all the wonderful things around me 
B - Ben my wonderful husband
C - Coffee it makes me happy and warm
D - Dad i have a good one
E - Excitement in the eyes of my 3 year old
F - Fireplace i'm so happy to have one this year
G - Gardens  botanical gardens lit up with christmas lights
H - Health i thank God for this every night
I - Ice cream although i don't like it, my boys do and it makes them happy and is sometimes a good motivation tactic
J - Jesus im thankful for relationship with him and his unconditional love and sacrifice for me
K - Kingston my beautiful boy
L - Love after 5 1/2 year of marriage, our love is stronger than ever
M - Mother she makes holidays and life in general so special
N - New home God provided above and beyond our hearts desires
O - Optimism and being around others with this quality
P - Playing on the floor with my babies
Q - Quiet when the boys are napping during the afternoon
R - Rain it's always been comforting to me
S - Socks i love having warm feet
T - Time with family
U - Umbrellas it's raining today, and I need to go grocery shopping :)
V - Vehicles ours aren't new but they are reliable!
W - Weston my precious baby
X - Xrays i know that probably sounds silly, but i often wonder what kind of shape i would be in, had my scoliosis not be detected when i was 12
Y - Year another year alive, loved, healthy and blessed
Z - Zhu zhu pets my boys love them and my dog is scared to death of them..kinda funny

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  1. Great list! I may have to do one too.. I'm trying to think of a 30 things about me for my 30th birthday next week.

  2. just checked ur blog out, love it I have been with my husband for nine yrs you could say highschool sweethearts too. Thanks for being a follower im sure i'll be checking in on urs..