Nov 7, 2011

a small victory

Kingston is so very shy. From the time he was just 4 months old he would only let a handful of people hold him and even up until recently, unless he knows you, he wouldn't talk to you.

It's been a problem when we go to church and need to put him in the nursery. I am the mom who has let my babies fuss it out to get them to sleep, but I am not the mom who will leave her child freaking out with strangers in a nursery/day care. I know that little ones don't have a sense of time, so having my son think that I've left him forever is too much for me. We've had to leave church many times.

In the last two months, Kingston has been okay with staying in the nursery on Sunday nights, which has worked out really well because Ben and I lead worship and need him to stay in there. Sunday morning is different. It's more of a Sunday school where they walk over to another room for worship and then come back for a teaching. Kingston has always panicked when they do that and our little pager goes off to come and get him. 

I'm getting to the point..

This Sunday we weren't going to attempt the nursery/sunday school. We brought toys and snacks to keep him occupied. We started walking down the hall to the sanctuary and kingston said "no, I want to play with the kids". I reluctantly agreed to let him go, but knew we'd be back to get him once they left the room to go and have worship. That pager never went off! I was anxious. So, I had Ben go peek in the room and when he came back, he told me that Kingston was sitting down for the lesson and participating. 

I teared up. I was so proud of him. Ben whispered in my ear that it was a kiss from God. I knew it was, because that was the first sermon I've been able to really pay attention to in probably... years. I needed to hear it too. It was just what I had been seeking God about recently. 

As Kingston's mom, it's been frustrating, at times, that he wont do the simplest of things. He wont say hi to people, accept gifts, wear things like hats or costumes. He wont take pictures, dance with you or let you read him a book. He's either really stubborn or I've often wondered if maybe it's fear. I don't really know. I've gone over scenarios in my head and wondered how I could react in some situations to get a better reaction from him. I usually come up with nothing and so I just keep praying.

Things I'm learning along the way, as I raise this very independent little boy are that he will eventually do things but in his own time. It's going to take a lot of prayer, dedication and patience on our part as parents, but I think if we stick with it, we'll have more days like yesterday.


  1. Lyla and Kingston sound sooo much alike! She won't do pretty much any of those things you listed either. And when people try to talk to her she puts her arm over her face.

  2. They would probably get along well!