Nov 1, 2011

miracles do happen

The fact that this picture even exists is nothing short of a miracle for many reasons. The first being that kingston is actually wearing his costume and wings and not crying, Weston hasn't ripped his hat off or taken off running (yes he runs now) yet AND they are both looking and smiling while a camera is being pointed at them.

I hope everyone had a fun night. I feel funny saying "happy halloween" because growing up we never celebrated it. Instead of taking my kids trick or treating, we've been going to this church the last few years that throws an amazing trunk or treat with free food, pony rides, games galore, bouncies. It's so much fun!

For the first time, Kingston had a blast and Weston who is famous for people watching was especially entertained by everyone in their costumes. It was an hour past "ba-ba time" and he didn't let out one peep.

I'm sure it sounds silly (and I felt funny as I was praying) but I prayed we would all have a great time...and we did! I think about how much joy I get out of watching my kids smile and have fun and I can't help but think that God feels the same way over me. There have been so many occasions where Kingston has been miserable during events like this and we would come home and feel defeated..but on a night that is usually dedicated to everything that stands against the word, I was blessed and reminded of Gods love for me and wondering if maybe he was looking down and filled with joy watching me smile and have a good time.

After we were home and the children were in bed..I just felt happy. I don't take great days like that for granted and I'm just so thankful for them. I'm so thankful for my family, and these boys and getting to experience these moments with them.

I may be their mom but they teach me more then they will ever know. 


  1. Your boys are adorable! Glad to hear that everyone had such a fun time! We have trunk or treat in our area too! I've never been, but a co-worker of mine goes every year! Its such a safe idea for kids! Thank you for sharing your halloween and linking up!

  2. the costumes!!

  3. thank you all! I thought they would just blend in with all the other buzzy lightyear and woody costumes but surprisingly they were the only ones at the trunk or treat.