Nov 28, 2011

letting go

I'm sitting here this morning, with my coffee. I'm watching my boys cuddle on the floor while they watch cartoons. There are toys everywhere. There are dishes in the sink. There is laundry flowing out of baskets. Beds need to be made.... the list goes on. 

But all of that just means there are happy children living in this house who are blessed with clothes and food to eat and beds to sleep in.

There were times that I was unable to see this. If the house were in this chaotic would be enough to make me feel worthless. unappreciated. like my "job" was pointless. Recently, as I was in the midst of cleaning and feeling defeated by these messes I thought to myself, "what would you rather be doing?"

I'm not a "girly-girl" but I can be a neat freak and a the point that it causes me stress. These boys are bettering me though. Lately, I've actually found comfort in seeing all the toys across the living room floor. I'm not sure what my husband thinks of my new found freedom from keeping a perfectly clean and organized home. I caught him in the kitchen twice over the weekend, doing all the dishes :)

The point is that life isn't perfect. No one's is. I have boys for crying out loud. They are really messy and I'm not going to kill myself trying to pretend they are not. I'm not the only one with little mess makers, or tantruming toddlers in the middle of target, or who refuse to cooperate for family photos and I'm not going to beat myself up over it anymore. *sigh*

This weekend we picked out our tree..

or at least Ben and I picked out the tree while the boys chased each other 

Kingston and I decorated it together. This is the first year he helped me. I imagined him placing 10 ornaments all in one place and I was totally okay with that and even told myself I wouldn't move them... but he didn't. He did such a great job decorating it exactly how I would.

And it actually turned out pretty perfect :)

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  1. Beautiful tree! I understand how you feel about letting go. Sometimes I get frustrated when I clean the house and two minutes later my sons toys are dragged out all over the place. Or when I have to get the vacuum out every single day cause there is crumbs on the carpet. But I'm learning to let go too. A perfect home with kids isn't a clean one ;)
    I found my husband in the kitchen doing dishes this weekend too. Isn't it nice to have a helping hand!

  2. Beautiful tree!

    I admit, I've never been that great at cleaning, but now that I have 2 boys myself I have given myself permission to let it be a mess sometimes.

    I too have mess makers, toddler tantrum in the store throwers, EXTREMELY uncooperative picture takers! It's crazy at times, but I love it!!

  3. Beautiful! We have barely started decorating, but are hoping to finish up in the next few days!

  4. I agree with you once in a while you just have to let it go!!My daughter will drag every toy she has out and then play with a box on the ground then i have to pick everything up...ugh... but its great being a mommy!!! P.s. love the tree you and your son did a great job!!! -mary- over at-

  5. Love this post.. Sometimes us stay at home moms need to remember why we're stay at home moms. It's because we want to be there for our babies.. Not to clean the house 5 times a day. Your tree is beautiful! and you looked super cute that day!

  6. I could have written this myself. I know I just have one, but every time I put toys up, it draws Eliot's attention, and he just pulls it all out again. We finally got a toy box for downstairs to help, but I constantly have to remind myself to let go. We don't have a dishwasher, so those dishes in the sink will get done, but maybe just in a little while. And, really, I'm probably the only one who even cares.

  7. Your tree is beautiful! I remember when my kids were old enough to help us decorate I had to just let it go. Now they are big kids and love to help me decorate because they know I won't hover over where they choose to place their ornaments. Also, I loved the photo of the boys running towards the trees. So precious!

  8. I knew I wasn't all are so encouraging :)

    Katie, Weston is the same way. He could be playing with something.. but if he sees me put anything away he goes and pulls it right back out.

  9. Wow, he did such a great job on the tree!
    Great perspective as well.. I have 3 little ones 4 and under so I have long given up on a "picture perfect" house. I would rather be happy and enjoy my kids!!

  10. I love this! What a great reminder. A mess is proof of a life well lived, I would say!
    Would you link this up to my Giving Gratitude Link Party?

    Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  11. Meredith, your very welcome. Thanks for asking!

  12. we call my little guy "the destroyer" because he wreak havoc on our home. :) our daughter is so neat and orderly. they are truly night and day.

    as far as the Christmas ornaments... i totally have to be 'okay' with where they put the ornaments, too. :)