Nov 28, 2011

i am

I am _____ right now:

I am - Content. There is a lot I need to be working on...but still I'm content. It will get done, and it will get done in time.

I wonder - What life will look like this time next year

I see - four stockings on our fireplace. i'm so thankful for my little family

I want - To see the gold in all people

I pretend - that I really don't want things..when deep down..I ache for them. God knows.

I worry - That I am not a good enough mom to my boys. that the times I've lost my cool will be the things they remember about me

I cry - When my son climbs up on my lap, unprompted, and gives me kisses

I hope - my boys will make good choices and will follow Jesus

I dream - of a big, close knit family

I feel - hopeful. the christmas season does that for me

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  1. Beautiful!. Following you!. Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Stopping by from Miss Mommy's link up and now following you! I worry too about not being a good enough momma and that my kiddos will remember the times I yelled and not all the other times.

  3. Your boys are cute! Wonderful list. I look forward to reading in the future!

  4. New follower from the Tuesday 10! What a beautiful and honest post. Thanks for sharing your heart. You are your boys are just adorable :)

  5. im your newest follower from tuesday ten!

    Your blog is adorable as is your boys! look forward to following in the future :D

  6. What a sweet, simple post. I love it

  7. I put ur button up on my page!hope thats fine!!!!

  8. this is a great list! i love seeing for stocking hung above our fireplace!